Mr. Burn



From coast to coast, DJ Burn keeps the dance floors moving with an ear for creating the perfect soundtrack. He has curated musical experiences at world renown venues such as the George R. Brown Convention Center, FedEx Forum, Houston Improv as well as the National Mall in Washington, DC. Progressing in his artistry, DJ Burn has gone on to perform at large scale events such as the AmericasMart Apparel Market and even the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Houston, Texas is home to some of the most prominent deejays in the world, promoting fierce competition. This is where Burn has cut his chops at quintessential hot spots and chic nightclubs. It's also a global city and a hub of cultural diversity: a place where you can find all walks of life. Being an Open-Format DJ is a necessity in a city with a diverse musical heritage. Securing his first DJ gig at sixteen right out of high school, DJ Burn began pursuing deejaying as a career during his time as an undergraduate at Texas Southern University. 

Inspired by early DJ Legends of the 90's, DJ Burn grew up scratching records on his turntables to the background beats provided by his home stereo. Now, you can expect his performances to deliver an authentic, high energy and exciting experience. For over a decade, he has been involved in many aspects of the nightlife providing insights and enabling him to read crowds from all over the world. This unique ability is a rare trait found in DJ's today and is what continues to separate him from the herd.

There are few who remain true to the craft, but as DJs continue to progress to superstardom, DJ Burn continues to raise the bar for what's considered an industry standard. Again and again he has shown his capability in handling events of all calibers and working with multiple artists.

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